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Key Information

Know Your Numbers

Facts and figures are vital to UNHCR for planning and preparedness. For example, when fighting in north-west Pakistan sent hundreds of thousands of people fleeing for safety in May 2009, the refugee agency needed to know how many people needed help, how much money and aid was needed to help them, and how many staff. Full-time statisticians in UNHCR’s Field Information and Coordination Section keep track of the number of people of concern to the agency. These figures are released every June in the annual Global Trends report, while the Norwegian Refugee Council releases annual global figures for internally displaced people. Annual budget figures are compiled by the Donor Relations and Resource Mobilization service, while the Division of Human Resources Management keeps details on personnel.




Refugees in Pakistan as of 15 November 2016

  • From Afghanistan: 1,320,394
  • From other countries: 582

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