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Fact Sheets:

Factsheet January 2018

Factsheet December 2017

Factsheet November 2017

Factsheet October 2017

Factsheet September 2017

Factsheet August 2017

Factsheet July 2017

Factsheet June 2017

Factsheet May 2017

Factsheet April 2017

Factsheet March 2017

Factsheet February 2017

Factsheet January 2017

Voluntary Repatriation Summary 2017

PoR Registration Summary 2017

Arrest & Detention Summary December – 2017

Key messages:

Afghanistan-Pakistan Humanitarian Country Team (HCT)– 2017 key messages on return of Afghans


UNHCR Regional Plan: Resilience and Solutions for Afghan Refugees in South-West Asia

2015-2017 Protection Strategy

Health Strategy


Conclusions of the 27th Tripartite Commission Meeting 19 July 2016

Conclusion of the 28th Tripartite Commission meeting February

Conclusion of the 29th Tripartite Commission meeting November 2017

Conclusions of the fourth meeting of the Quadripartite Steering Committee 19 May 2015

Conclusions of the fifthmeeting of the Quadripartite Steering Committee – December 2017

Extention agreement of Voluntary Repatriation till 31 Dec 2017

RAHA Reports

RAHA Moving Forward – A lessons learned of the RAHA Initiative Report_Reduce

Raha Brochure June-2016

Protection Reports

Protection Trend Report_January

Protection Trend Report_February

Protection Trend Report_March

Protection Trend Report_April

Protection Trend Report_May

Protection Trend Report_June

Protection Trend Report_July

Protection Trend Report_August

Protection Trend Report_September

Protection Trend Report_October

Population Profiling, Verification and Response Survey of Afghans in Pakistan

Refugees with disabilities in Pakistan

International Women Day

International Women Day 2017

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