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The document titled ‘Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on PCM Centre Activities’ provides information on birth registration, how to obtain birth certificates, modify Proof of Registration (PoR) cards and obtain duplicate cards. Information regarding the significance and procedures of registering new-born children (up to five years of age) with their parents who are already holding PoR cards and receiving birth certificates aims to address a lack of awareness among the refugee population, which has been identified as one of the main reasons behind the large gap in birth registration of Afghan refugee children. Birth registration and birth certificates are critically important means to help determine the child’s identity, age and nationality and to ensure it will be able to enjoy fundamental rights such as access to education, job opportunities, legal marriage, issuance of ID cards/passports and many public services including medical assistance.

The FAQs also inform how Afghan refugees can make get legal assistance. The ALACs/ILAC offer legal assistance and legal representation to refugees and asylum-seekers across the main refugee-hosting areas in Pakistan. ALAC/ILAC activities are focused on cases of unlawful arrest/detention on immigration grounds, civil/family matters and legal response to victims of sexual or gender-based violence. Furthermore, legal advice is provided to refugees through legal camps, shura meetings, community sessions, door-to-door visits and indoor counselling services on issues related to their stay in Pakistan, their documentary status including Proof of Registration (PoR) card validity, renewal or modification, birth registration, police harassment, access/referral to available public services and facilitated voluntary repatriation. ALACs/ILAC work in close coordination with law enforcement authorities and provide regular training sessions to them as well as members of the judiciary on refugee law and refugees’ rights in Pakistan.

FAQs on Proof of Registration Card Modification Centres (PCM) Services-English

FAQs on Proof of Registration Card Modification Centres (PCM) Services-Pashto

FAQs on Proof of Registration Card Modification Centres (PCM) Services-Dari

PoR Registration Summary 2016

Voluntary Repatriation

FAQs on Voluntary Repatriation

Voluntary Repatriation Summary 2016

Q&A about UNHCR’s Advice and Legal Aid Programme

ALAC FAQs English

ALAC FAQs Pashto


Karachi Office closure announcement

Karachi Office Closure announcement – Pashto language

Karachi Office Closure announcement – Dari language

Karachi Office Closure announcement – Arabic language

Karachi Office Closure announcement – Somali language

Karachi Office Closure announcement – Urdu language

Karachi Office Closure announcement – English language


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